Designer Backyard Ideas for Great Outdoor Living

Designer Backyard Ideas for Great Outdoor Living

by Chris Gill, February 28, 2017

With outdoor rooms growing rapidly in popularity, the line between indoor and outdoor rooms is becoming blurrier by the year. Today, there’s an outdoor version available for every room in your house! We’ve put together some of the most inspiring garden ideas created by the 2016 Landscapes of Distinction Awards winners. Which could apply to your home?

Natural Elements

Natural materials such as wood or stone are a huge hit in gardens and can be successfully used to make both stunning and functional outdoor spaces. Natural stone can turn a simple outdoor dining area into the highlight of your garden, and the versatility of the material allows you to easily add a built-in barbecue, bench seating, balustrading, retaining walls and more.

Outdoor Bathrooms

Creating a secluded spot for an outdoor bathing area is becoming extremely popular, and why not – after all, bathing outside in the summer can be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Outdoor showers can also be a great idea for summer, especially if you’d like to include or already have a swimming pool in your garden.

Climate Control

When designing an outdoor living space, protecting it from the elements should be a top priority. Since exposure to rain, heat or even cold with no shaded areas can be very uninviting, using louvered roofs or canopies to cover and protect your outdoor living spaces will give you some control over the climate in the areas.

Tropical Escape

With the right plants, you don’t have to live surrounded by awesome views to create a picturesque view in your back yard. Suburban homes can be given a tropical, exotic vibe by adding palm trees and other leafy vegetation, and using glass fencing is a great idea as it allows unrestricted views whilst still keeping your living areas enclosed.

Heating and Cooling

When designing your outdoor living area, it’s not only important to take into consideration how you will protect it from the natural elements. Being able to adjust the temperature to your liking is a large part of staying comfortable in an outdoor space, so adding a fireplace for the cooler evenings and fans for the hot summer days will make your outdoor living area your favourite place to be.

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