Landscape Design Process

by Chris Gill, August 22, 2014

Whether you’re looking for a full residential backyard makeover, a courtyard design, a deck, a gazebo or a swimming pool renovation, the following “design-to-construction” process ensures your project is everything you’re dreaming of…

Our Landscape Architectural and Landscape Design Services include:

  • Concept plan and planting plans
  • Hard landscape construction details
  • DAP concept plans
  • Soft landscaping specifications and planting details
  • Full construction plans and certification plans
  • 3D design plans
  • Pool landscaping plans
  • New pool build and existing pool renovations plans

As a full service Landscape Architects and Construction company, our step-by-step design to construction process, ensures that we’re able to ensure every element of your landscape design project is designed to meet your needs and requirements.


Price: $220*
Duration: 1.5-2hrs on-site
Design Overview -What you’re looking for in your backyard
Function – We’ll discuss how you want to use your backyard and what’s important to you
Aesthetics – The design style for your backyard.
Property Particulars – Easements, drainage issues, access, other construction considerations, irrigation, lighting etc
Important Areas within the Design – defined area within the overall design.
Budget– anticipated project costs

*Free if the client proceeds with a design package

The Landscape Design Brief is the first step in creating your dream landscape. As every property and property owner is unique, we take an individualised approach, asking lots of questions and taking the time to get to know YOU and your family.

Our Landscape Architect will ask you questions about the space and how you want to use it such as Will you be:

  • Entertaining?
  • Relaxing?
  • Raising your family?
  • Building a lifestyle, or creating memories?

We’ll also take the time to learn your thoughts, opinions, feelings, likes and dislikes for the space.

PLEASE NOTE: Its often really helpful to have some pictures on-hand at this meeting, which will give us a clear idea of the styles you like and things you’d like to include. In fact, why don’t you checkout our Pinterest page for some inspiration. 

From all this information, we’ll compile your Landscape Design Brief. This document will form the foundation for your design, we’ll use it like a checklist to detail the inclusions/elements for your ideal landscape design.


Price: From $2,200**
Duration: 2-4 weeks from consultation to presentation
Site Survey
Concept Sketch
-Initial design concepts prepared to scale from our construction brief. Can include site plans/elevations etc as required.
2D CAD Site Plan – Colour plan including description of features & suggested design elements
3D Renders – Computer generated images of the design plan.
3D Video Fly Through
Project Plans-Planting Plans, Planting Schedule, Lighting Plan & Irrigation plans as required.

*Inclusions will be tailored to individual projects, as outlined in the fixed price project fee.
 Once we have created this design brief, we send it to you, making sure that you are 100% happy with what our landscape architects have created. At this stage, a full cost breakdown will be included so that you can move another step towards experiencing the landscape of your dreams.

Once you have accepted the design brief, we begin work on the technical aspect of your landscape architectural plans. This is critical in ensuring that the end result not only looks good, but that the space is highly functional and the plants are destined to thrive.

 At this stage of the Landscape Design Process we will:

  • Perform a site survey. This includes measuring the site, your home, the property’s levels and its orientation, as well as local weather patterns and soil conditions.
  • Take note of your home’s existing services such as such as electricity, telephone, gas lines, storm water etc, and where they enter and cross your property. Including these in the base plan ensures that there is minimal (if any) disruption to your services while we’re building your landscape.
  • Existing structures such as sheds, swimming pools and other amenities, etc will also be noted on the base plan.

Lifestyle Landscape Design and Construction draw all our base plans in CAD. This is important as it reduces “draw time” and allows quick and easy adjustments to your plan as the design is developed. This attention to detail means that your design is built on a solid foundation – which means less surprises once construction is commenced.

This stage of the Landscape Design is by far the largest portion of the landscape design process. It is at this stage that we overlay weather patterns, indicating where the sun rises and falls, where the majority of the winds come from in summer and winter and where you can expect the worst storms and rain to come from. Getting this part right, is vital in planning the location of spaces within your design.

The Concept Plan Design takes into account:

  • How spaces within the design will interact with the home,
  • How the spaces will be affected by weather patterns and,
  • What can be done to overcome these issues while minimising costs and maximising the live-a-bility of the space.

This intelligent design process ensures you get the premium landscape architecture experience with no future hidden surprises.

Once forms or spaces are created for specific purposes i.e. swimming pools, entertaining decks etc, the development of the concept plan can start. A concept plan provides enough detail to understand the intent of the design so we can communicate ideas and suggestions from the plan to you at the concept plan presentation.


Price: POA
Duration: 2 weeks
Construction Plan including duration Availability & Timelines
Project Component Breakdown – Colour plan including description of features & suggested design elements
Total Project Cost

Once we have presented the completed landscape design concept plan to you, you will be given time to consider our proposal.  Any changes you want to make will be done at this stage. We will then, depending on the level of landscape design package you have chosen, develop additional drawings and details such as:

  • Construction specification and plans,
  • Council approvals, and
  • Plant specification guide and planting plan including a detailed plant selection document

With Lifestyle Landscape Design & Construction, we work hard to ensure that each and every landscape design that we present is well-thought out, unique and individual. We draw from years of experience as Brisbane’s premier Landscape architects to ensure that you’re getting the ideal landscape for your residential property.

Enquire now for an obligation-free discussion about your Landscape Design Project.

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