Integrated Outdoor Living

by Chris Gill, October 5, 2016

Enhanced livability through the integration of the existing home with an extended outdoor living space and a new swimming pool were the key requirements for this project. This was achieved by extending the deck from the front of the house and down the left side to maximise ocean views, space for entertaining, relaxing and taking in some sun.

Project Brief:

  • Extend the deck at the side of the house to create an area where visitors and guest can relax and watch children play in the pool.
  • Create a fence/front wall that will increase privacy in the front yard, but that can also be decorated to create impact on arrival.
  • Ensure placement of pool equipment for easy maintenance and access – without looking unsightly.
  • Soften the hard landscaping with planting for maximum visual effect.

What we achieved:

  • We created a space that links with the home, makes entertaining easy, and is logical and thoughtful in it’s layout.
  • We focused selecting products & surfaces that are easy care and require simple maintenance to enhance longevity.
  • It was decided that the dining area would be left off the inside dining area and kitchen for easy access to the kitchen and for an overflow to the dining area. By having the dining area down the side of the house it also left a large deck by the pool without being cramped with a dining area and created an under covered eating area as the deck by the pool was for soaking up the sun.
  • The project’s planting theme kept to a coastal theme with several large pandanus and Foxtail palms planted and other plants found in the beach area such Carpobrotus galucescens (Native Pig Face), Lomandra, Liriope, Leptospermum Alicia Rose, Isolepsis Nodosa ‘Club Rush’.

Major Obstacles Overcome:

  • This job had a major obstacle with a sewer running along the front footpath near the boundary line which we had to work around with council. Many times it was easier to give up and put the pool in the back yard but with Chris’ persistence with the council and design he was eventually able to satisfy the client and the best design for the house and come up with a design to allow for the sewer and have the best placement of the pool for the house living area.



  • CLIENT : Anne & Keiran Cahill