Outdoor Entertaining – Bridgeman Downs

by Chris Gill, July 6, 2015

Whilst this property had enjoyed a previous life as a display home, the gardens and outdoor areas left our clients home feeling a little under finished. With real potential and a great opportunity to open their home up and extend their living space, the design and construction of an outdoor room seemed the perfect solution. However, from the initial consultation it was obvious that either the space needed one very large room or two separate areas suited to dining and lounging whether entertaining or simply relaxing and reading the Sunday morning paper.

Project Brief:

When Lifestyle Landscape Design & Construction where approached to design and create this space, there was a distinct impression that instead of creating one large roofed area that suited a dining and lounge space, this space could be divided into two and developed as separate areas.

What we achieved:

  • The roof line was designed to open up the area, allowing additional light in, but blocking the heat of the sun through the clever use of Solarspan insulated roofing panels. With two separate roofed areas it also allows additional garden space that is used creatively to divide the areas and creates a distinct feel in each.
  • A water feature fully self-contained was installed between these two areas with copper bands that will age and change patina as time goes on.
  • Planting had a distinct sub-tropical feel with large leaves, colourful patterns and textural variety through all the plant selections. Advanced palms, cordylines and Bromeliads create this tropical feel which is all framed for privacy and screening with mock orange hedges that remained from the original garden.
  • Using different flooring materials and level changes the dining feels individual and unique as does the lounge space. Of course lighting was crucial to ensure that the use of this area extended well beyond sunset and allows this space to be used at all times of the day or night.
  • A feature green wall was also created using bromeliad species to create a colourful focal point in the garden.

Lifestyle Landscape Design & Construction is a Boutique landscape design business that specialises in creating outdoor rooms and unique spaces for our clients. Whether you are simply looking for a nice space to relax, or you love entertaining and require a full outdoor kitchen we can help you create this space through unique and individual design and of course we construct as well.

If you have a landscaping project or you wish to create the perfect outdoor room we can help you fulfil these dreams.


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