Tips for designing your own backyard…

Tips for designing your own backyard…

by Chris Gill, January 18, 2017

In all my years as a landscape designer in Brisbane, I’ve always worked on the premise that the best backyards are the ones that make people happy and comfortable. Sure, they need to look good and improve the value of the home – but most importantly they need to feel good, be simple to maintain and allow the occupant the space to do what is important to them.

I work on the guiding principles that paths and structures must be simple to navigate, plants must provide interest or serve a purpose (and not require a phd in plant care to maintain!) and that structural features should be accessible and highlighted or hidden depending on their aesthetics.

Here are some practical tips that have helped me to create fabulous backyards for myself and my clients…

Determine the Overall Style

Now that you have decided on your wish list of garden elements and where they are going to be placed, it’s important to make sure that you’re clear on the overall garden style that you would like. Since there are so many to choose from, though, it can be tricky so make sure that you take your time to really find a style that you like. It’s a good idea to keep the style of your home in mind as the house itself has a huge impact on the appearance of your garden.

Check out our online portfolio for ideas on Garden style…

Vegetable Planting

Planting your own vegetables can be a fun activity and if you’ve got a suitable garden, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go. Organic, home grown vegetables are not only really good for your health and very nutritious, they can also save you money. But, when positioning vegetable beds, it’s important to keep the proximity to the kitchen in mind – the longer the walk, the less likely you are to use it!

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is becoming an essential part of garden design, so when putting together your final plan, be sure to work out where you are going to position the outdoor living part of your space. You will also need to take into consideration the size of your outdoor space – do you expect to be entertaining a lot of people there? You should also keep the proximity to the house in mind, and whether or not your living space will require shelter from the elements.

Interested in integrating your outdoor living with your home…. Click here for inspiration

Wide pathways

When planning your garden, make your paths as wide as possible to open the space and allow ease of movement – nobody likes squeezing through narrow spaces, and if its tight to walk through, moving equipment such as wheelbarrows or outdoor furniture will be a nightmare. As a general rule of thumb, pathways should be at least 1m wide (wider if surrounded by taller plants or structures).

Need ideas for an acreage property: Click here

Technology & Future needs

In your design, consider where your utilities and electrical cabling will need to go, and plan accordingly. There’s nothing worse than completing your garden only to have to dig it up again because you need electricity for a pump or light feature.

What’s more, before you start to dig, it’s REALLY important to check where your buried pipes or cables are…. Not only is it massively inconvenient to lose power, internet or water – it could add thousands of dollars to your renovation project in fixing your mistake.

Know your Building Codes

Don’t dismiss local building regulations for outdoor structures as unimportant. They are designed to ensure your safety and if you’re caught it could lead to costly fines or litigation. Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government have a long list of codes and policies that you need to ensure you’re compliant with when designing an outdoor space (particularly in relation to swimming pools, decks, structures and even outdoor lighting.) So, before you start work, it’s important to make sure your plans are compliant.

If all this seems overwhelming, and you’d like an expert Garden Designer to take a look at your space, and your wishlist of inclusions and turn it into a backyard that you’ll be proud of, please call Chris from Lifestyle Landscape Design and Construction today on 0433 355 666 or complete the form below.

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