Water Feature Gallery

by Chris Gill, August 28, 2014

Water features can be a fantastic focal point in your garden design. Not only can they introduce the cool, relaxing sound of water by day, but when strategically lit with smart outdoor lighting, they can bring a dramatic ambiance to your garden that plants and lights alone cannot achieve.

As an entrance statement or courtyard piece, the water feature can be designed to make a bold impression or set a peaceful mood. But this multi-functional feature doesn’t just look good. Depending on design and placement, the water feature can hide those unsightly, but necessary garden elements such as bins, clothes lines and garden sheds, and can filter unwanted noise such as traffic or noisy neighbours.

From simple designs such as a pot overflowing into a pond, a reflection pool or a dramatic custom-built waterfall, its likely that your water feature will become your favourite garden feature. Talk to Chris today about incorporating a water feature into your residential backyard design.

Check out our Water Feature portfolio below, then talk to us today…

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